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His Presence. His Power. His People.

Israel: Nine Mission Trips, 2004-Present

Oct. 2018 will be Pastor Angela’s thirteenth visit to Israel. We have gone on several tours, taken many from New Life Ministries Church, and Pastor Angela attended the Yad Vashem Leadership Seminar. Every few months the Pastors answer the call to return to Israel whether to celebrate Israel being recognized as a Nation, rejoice over the miracle of the six day War or being in the land when the President, Vice President visit or even when the USA Embassy was moved to Jerusalem. The Lord had us there. We return regularly as led by the Spirit to intercede for Israel, the United States, and all nations and people.

Visiting Israel changes your heart, your life and understanding of the Word of God. At each site you experience the Word, develop a heart for the Jewish people and a greater understanding of prophecy.

The Power of God forever changes you through experiencing the living Word which launches you into God’s perfect will for your life. Family and friends that have joined us leave each time with new revelation of God, a desire to intercede for Israel, and love for all people and nations.

Connections throughout Israel and various ministries.