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India: Seven Missions Since 2008

Each December for nine years the Lord has taken a team to India. Pastor Angela has led the teams on a wide variety of ministry opportunities. The Lord has used us to provide supplies, pray, and minister to people in the remote mountains regions. We have conducted many different conferences, attended church Christmas celebrations, and shared the Gospel in outside services to the Hindu people. We have been so blessed to see many saved, healed, delivered, and filled with the Spirit.  One of Pastor Angela’s favorite trips included taken approximately 200 children to the zoo and beach for a vacation day!  We sow monthly into two ministries in India.

Taught the Word of God followed by signs, wonders, and miracles during pastors and women conferences. Shared the Good News with Tribal people living in the mountains and evangelized Hindus residing in various villages.

The Lord has saved, healed, delivered, and filled children and adults in southern India. The Lord has performed miracles of the provision to finance church buildings, take 200 children to the zoo and beach, feed people, and provide toys, candy, clothing, and medical supplies.

Co-labor in the Kingdom of God with Gospel of the Kingdom Associates and Haven Home Ministries for more than twelve years. Developed many friendships with the pastors which come under Gospel of Kingdom Associates.