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His Presence. His Power. His People.
HIS Presence
New Life Ministries worships in HIS Presence each week in Northumberland Pennsylvania. Our congregation meets in a building, but our church is simply the vessel where we collectively experience HIS Presence.
HIS Power

HIS Power shows through the actions we take, and the results of those actions. We constantly see the power of Jesus being displayed in the results of our missions and our community.


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Worship Services
Sundays at 10am
Wednesdays at 6pm

111 Susquehanna Trail
Northumberland, PA
(570) 898-4363

HIS People

New Life Ministries serves HIS People across the globe. Our worship team and congregation in Northumberland is simply our base for Carrying the Cross to the Nations.

Our ministry is led by pastors, but the ministry itself is a collective effort among many people in many places. To learn how you can volunteer your time, contribute your expertise, or provide financial support please call or email.

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